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Medical Malpractice Attorney In Hempstead, Nassau County & Queens County, NY

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At the Law Office of Steven R. Smith, we offer practical and effective legal solutions to your personal injury case in Hempstead, NY, Nassau County, NY, Queens County, NY, and the surrounding areas. When you need expert representation from a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney, you can depend on us to provide the right solutions while helping you get justice. In the event that injury or treatment from a doctor, nurse or other medical professional has caused you severe injuries, you may have a claim.

We understand how confusing this time may be and we offer expert guidance after you have suffered at the hands of a doctor or hospital. If the care you received deviated from the normal and accepted standard of care, you might be entitled to file for damages. As your injury attorney, we will answer your questions in detail and provide the assertive representation you can depend on. Whether your case requires the expertise of a brain injury attorney or general medical malpractice lawyer, we are here to provide the results-oriented approach your case can benefit from.


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Malpractice medical

The Most Common Medical Malpractice Cases Include:

  • Anesthesia

  • Burn Therapy

  • Child Delivery

  • Surgical Errors

  • Medication Issuance

  • Failure to Diagnose

  • Experimentation

  • General Improper Procedure


As a medical malpractice claimant, you must be able to show that duty was owed to you by the health care provider and that he or she breached that duty. You must also prove that you suffered an injury that was caused by the healthcare provider’s breach.

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